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Wind to water

Using the DOT reverse osmosis set-up, seawater can be pressurized and used to both desalinate water and power a Pelton generator that supplies the necessary energy supply. It creates the opportunity for sustainable, independent & local fresh water production. The water can be used for industry purposes, irrigation, hydrogen production or drinking water.

Market potential 

  • 71 % of the global population lives under conditions of moderate to severe water scarcity 
  • Desalination is becoming a widely adopted technology to combat water scarcity  
  • 18.426 plants in over 150 countries producing 32 Bn m³ of fresh water annually  
  • Average growth of 7-9% per year 
  • Sea water reverse osmosis (SWRO) represents 63 % of the global desalination capacity 

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Hydraulic Drivetrain

The core of the DOT concept is a sea water pump directly driven by the turbine rotor. It is capable of slow rotation speed, high pressure and high-power output.

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Pelton Turbine

Power conversion from high-pressure seawater is done using hydropower technology a pelton wheel driving a generator. DOT creates an unprecedented 4km hydraulic head.

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Reverse Osmosis

High pressure seawater can also be used through a reverse osmosis system. The DOT turbine takes out several energy conversion steps to arrive at renewably cleaned water for drinking, irrigation or H2 production.

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