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How it works

DOT hydraulic wind turbine

Unlike regular wind turbines, the DOT wind turbine uses a water-hydraulic drive train directly driven by the rotor. This drive train includes a positive displacement pump that pressurises seawater, which is used for further power, water or hydrogen production.

  • DOT replaces the generator by a directly driven, high-pressure sea water pump
  • This results in a weight reduction of up to 50%
  • This results in a significant cost reduction in CAPEX and OPEX

Sustainable products

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Technical innovations

Pumping sea water is at the core of DOT’s innovation and DOT embraces and incorporates other cutting-edge innovations to facilitate the global energy transition.

Hydraulic Drivetrain

The core of the DOT concept is a sea water pump directly driven by the turbine rotor. It is capable of slow rotation speed, high pressure and high-power output.

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Wind Turbine

Operating a water-pumping wind turbine allows for different control strategies. DOT develops these during the integration of the pump in different turbine platforms.

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Pelton Turbine

Power conversion from high-pressure seawater is done using hydropower technology a pelton wheel driving a generator. DOT creates an unprecedented 4km hydraulic head.

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Reverse Osmosis

High pressure seawater can also be used through a reverse osmosis system. The DOT turbine takes out several energy conversion steps to arrive at renewably cleaned water for drinking, irrigation or H2 production.

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Slip Joint

Speedy installation of the thousands of megawatts offshore wind is crucial to meet the Paris goals. The slip joint removes many cumbersome offshore handling operations, allowing single lift turbine installation.

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Beyond the slip joint, DOT supports innovations on pile driving technology, monopile design and cable and pipeline installation. The “steel in the water” drive makes DOT a valuable partner in Joint Industry Projects.

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