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Wind to Electricity

Offshore wind has become an established industry with the highest projected growth rate within renewables. Wind turbines are installed to supply to the ever-growing demand of renewable electricity. The DOT turbine can supply to this demand by generating electricity using pressurized seawater driving a Pelton generator. This electricity can be used to power homes but also for creating fresh water or storing energy in the form of hydrogen when integrated with our other DOT systems.

Market potential

  • Global installed capacity has already reached 35 GW in 2020
  • Global potential to reach 1,000-1,400 GW by 2050
  • Most offshore wind development has occurred in Europe
  • US and Asia markets are emerging, holding huge growth potential

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Wind Turbine

Operating a water-pumping wind turbine allows for different control strategies. DOT develops these during the integration of the pump in different turbine platforms.

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Hydraulic Drivetrain

The core of the DOT concept is a sea water pump directly driven by the turbine rotor. It is capable of slow rotation speed, high pressure and high-power output.

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Pelton Turbine

Power conversion from high-pressure seawater is done using hydropower technology a pelton wheel driving a generator. DOT creates an unprecedented 4km hydraulic head.

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