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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis

In locations where seawater is abundant but drinking water is scarce, such as islands or on the coastlines of arid countries, the DOT turbine can help transform pressurized seawater into renewable fresh water through reverse osmosis. The seawater is pre-treated before being pressurized by the pump in the turbine. From there, the resulting high pressure water will be fed through a filtration & desalination system resulting in fresh water. The water can be used for industry purposes, irrigation, H2 production or drinking water.

The DOT reverse osmosis system consists of the DOT turbine and several standard sized containers combined with a Pelton generator. It is a standalone system that only needs access to seawater to produce fresh water. The output of the system can be switched easily between producing water or generating power at the same location.

Process Timeline

  • Reverse osmosis research for Aruba

    Design, construction and testing of a small scale wind driven seawater desalination plant. This project gave insight into the possibilities of integrating a DOT wind powered desalination concept in Aruba.

    • Insight in control of a wind powered desalination system
    • Theory of ERD-RO systems validated
  • Reverse osmosis pilot

    Design, construction and testing of a 500kW wind powered electricity and seawater desalination plant.

    • Control of a wind turbine via spear valve in combination with a SWRO membrane
    • Proof of DOT wind powered desalination concept
    • Insight in pre and post water treatment requirements

    View the video of the working principle here

Other innovations

All our innovations are supported by an extensive track record of studies, prototypes and offshore testing. Our approach is to “put steel in the water”: relentlessly testing the concepts in its designated environment of operation.

Hydraulic Drivetrain

The core of the DOT concept is a sea water pump directly driven by the turbine rotor. It is capable of slow rotation speed, high pressure and high-power output.

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Wind Turbine

Operating a water-pumping wind turbine allows for different control strategies. DOT develops these during the integration of the pump in different turbine platforms.

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Pelton Turbine

Power conversion from high-pressure seawater is done using hydropower technology a pelton wheel driving a generator. DOT creates an unprecedented 4km hydraulic head.

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Reverse Osmosis

High pressure seawater can also be used through a reverse osmosis system. The DOT turbine takes out several energy conversion steps to arrive at renewably cleaned water for drinking, irrigation or H2 production.

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Slip Joint

Speedy installation of the thousands of megawatts offshore wind is crucial to meet the Paris goals. The slip joint removes many cumbersome offshore handling operations, allowing single lift turbine installation.

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Beyond the slip joint, DOT supports innovations on pile driving technology, monopile design and cable and pipeline installation. The “steel in the water” drive makes DOT a valuable partner in Joint Industry Projects.

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