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Wind and water to Green hydrogen

In recent years, the power-to-X market has attracted enormous attention from the industry. One example is hydrogen (H2), which is a preferred option to combat the congestion problem and achieve greater energy flexibility. The DOT green hydrogen hub can use the power coming from the Pelton generator and the fresh water from reverse osmosis to create green hydrogen at any offshore location as it does not need any grid connection. When this hub is created near old offshore oil and gas (O&G) platforms, they can be repurposed to transport green hydrogen instead of natural gas through their existing infrastructure.

Market potential 

  • Over 45 GW of installed capacity needed for Green Hydrogen production with over 100 platforms in the North Sea suitable for potential electrification 
  • Electrification of O&G platforms provides fast track market
  • Hydrogen is already widely used for industry purposes 
  • At larger scale, offshore hydrogen electrolysis is cheaper than onshore hydrogen electrolysis 

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